Siglent 1202X-E Oscilloscope

The Siglent 1202X-E Oscilloscope. 200 mhz for $350 – not bad!

The photo isn’t the clearest, but I was able to test it with my passive and RF Probes and all checks out just fine. After I build my little test gear cart – I will follow this Power Supply test plan:

  1. Check fuses. Bruce, AH0U told me that before I get too “complicated” with my troubleshooting – check the fuses. He had asked me if before I did the recap on the power supply – did the KWS-1 have Grid Current. The answer is NO. This means a fuse could have been blown in the Power Supply even before I shipped it. He said with these old rigs – the cause is usually simpler than one might expect
  2. Test the 3 or so DC voltages on the interconnecting plug – anything not right?

If all is well – then its the RF Deck. If not:

  1. Check my re-cap wiring
  2. Test all power supply tubes

If I still haven’t found it:

  1. Test the 8 jacks in the chassis top



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