The KWS-1 Has Landed!

I now have RF Output!

I am very, very pleased now that I am seeing RF output on my dummy load. The tuning procedure is something I need to get used to, but it is similar to tuning a tube linear amplifier manually.

I need to analyze why I don’t see Grid Current on the built in meter and why I don’t see anything change with the carrier knob – in Tune mode. In operate I do see output on the dummy load. My oscilloscope did show that the Carrier knob was changing the Driver stage grid, plate and cathode voltages. The VFO reading on my scope was right on, as was the XTAL frequency. SO – the scope is a real keeper – it really helped me see that the rig seemed to be good – even though that Grid Meter reading issue is something I will look into.

It seems like the tune mode with carrier knob isn’t working right, but Operate is. I will make sure it isn’t just “operator error” – because that could be the case. Maybe the tuning is so sharp that you have to be really “dialed in” correctly. If I can tune it up in Operate mode, that would be OK too I guess – not sure. This is s new beast I need to tame, and I will read, re-read and talk to others regarding the tuning procedure.

But today is a milestone I’ve been looking forward to for almost 6 months. I am going to look closely at the schematic to see how the Tune and Load circuits work and what they do.

I am learning a ton – and I can say that for me – I am happiest at work, home, pretty much anywhere when I am learning something new. This grande olde radio gear that I have been playing with lately is giving me more excitement than even DXCC and chasing Honor Roll. There are many more “facets” in this part of the hobby, and it feels like a real honor to keep a 65 year old set of gear running.

Getting this rig on a 40M Bobtail or Bruce Array is my big goal and will be my “summer project” – now that it is starting to feel like summer here in Northern California.


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