Hello Grid Current in Tune Mode!

Just for fun, when I got home from work – I decided to tune the KWS-1 all over the crazy place, and sure enough – I did find what looks like “resonance points” where I could get Grid Current to display from zero to full scale on the Grid setting of the meter in Tune mode – and this is the “tune for maximum smoke” approach . . . but seeing the grid current anywhere in Tune mode is a big plus . . .

I’ll spend some more time with this tomorrow when I have the time to futz with this – but its obvious I need to really understand the tuning procedure of the KWS-1. I’m right in the middle of changing work from a contract at Twitter in SF to a full time gig at LendUp in Oakland – so I have been more preoccupied than I had hoped for this week.

Another test tomorrow will be to see how much RF Power output I can get out of the rig when its tuned on some frequency. I know there is RF output – so I will get it on the air tomorrow and listen on a receiver to hear its “note”. I guess no matter what – if you can hear a signal with “key down”, that’s a start!

I’ll call Howard if I have to – but I want to record as much data as I can first.

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