KWS-1 (and much other) Progress

I was able to get the KWS-1 to tune up at one high frequency on each band – and I measured 300 watts out on 75M. I also used the microphone to key the transmitter in SSB mode – but besides a key down carrier, I didn’t hear the mic voice. I’ll worry about that later – it could just be the way I wired the mic – not sure – PTT is fine though – so that’s cool. I know something is still not quite right – because I couldn’t turn the PTO down to a lower frequency and get the same Grid current at the lower frequencies – which seems to suggest that the VFO or PTO got screwed up in shipping. I do still have to be bold and measure all voltages on the power supply terminal block – which requires that I defeat the kill switch. I am very confident that the finals are good – their negative bias voltage seems right – and the PA HV is 2100 – dead nuts on. The Filament voltage is also perfect. Either some other voltage could be low, or I might just start swapping some tubes – like the one in the PTO or the drivers – the 6CL6’s. Just for laughs . . . I do expect it will come down to a single wiring or component – maybe a tube, capacitor or just a connection. One thing I haven’t done is look underneath the RF Deck to see if anything is wrong. One best test will be when Tom, WY8K brings his RF Deck over – and I will immediately know if its the Power Supply or the RF Deck. I’ll look at his PTO closely, because I almost think my PTO or VFO is off somehow . . .

I feel like I am exorcising old ghosts out of my KWS-1 – and one ghost at a time. I am sure a lot of this is just me learning the “zen” and Art of Vintage Radio Maintenance, so there is that in the mix . . .

In other news – yesterday I had a big epiphany regarding the latest Data Regulations that are about to totally rock the data world. Remember the acronyms GDPR and CCPA – they will be in the news big time starting about now – and moving forward. I have prided myself on keeping up with technology in my career, and this year is no exception. I have steered my Career Truck right where it needs to be.

In the beginning of the year I had some doubts based on a gamble that I would land myself right at the “data crossroads” of Data Governance – and sure enough I did. I had built the Data Explorer Data Dictionary at Credit Karma the previous two years, and now I have used that experience to pivot into Data Governance.

Now add in my experience with Collibra while on short contract at Twitter, and that has completed my pivot. I’m becoming an expert in GDPR and CCPA from the project, product and even technical aspects, and my gamble has paid off big time.

Crazy times – but good times . . .

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