Dada Art Lives!

The way things have been these last two years reminds me of why Dada Art and Surrealism existed. The world just seemed like it was coming apart at the seams. In Paris – with WWI and then WWII – they were hit with the “double whammy”. The US was pretty much insulated from that strife in a lot of ways – because the hot spots were “over there” .

When I check out the news every day – nothing is sacred, nothing matters and who cares anymore. Laws no longer matter – morals have been dead for years already. The devil has been elevated to the heights of God. Apparently, and according to Michelle Bachman – God put Trump in charge of the Universe.

Social Engineering and Social Media is weaponized by Putin and Trump begs for more. Brilliant – not a bullet fired. Let the USA collapse under it’s own stupidity. MAGA!

Dog Day Afternoon meets Idiocracy meets the Sopranos . . .

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