Most Often Needed Radio Diagrams

A neat book of schematic diagrams that I purchased from Antique Electronic Supply in Tempe, Arizona

One part of history that is as practically useful – and now pretty much an art form – is to go back in time and study how circuits were designed – mostly with tubes – but also during the solid state days when discrete components ruled the day.

My interest was piqued by James Millens September 1931 QST article on the design of the National SW-3 “Thrill Box” receiver. I also love Cathedral and Tombstone radios from that era. They were simple and effective designs – and one’s where I feel very comfortable restoring myself.

While I love my Gold Dust Twins – I am at that point in this vintage aspect of the hobby where I can only handle the simple stuff – small re-capping jobs and tube testing. Replacing selenium rectifiers with diodes – that sort of thing. I leave the big jobs to people like Howard Mills, W3HM.

Speaking of that – on Saturday, my friend Tom, WY8K will bring his KWS-1 RF Deck over and we will see if my problem is with my Power Supply or my RF Deck.

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