40M Bobtail Preparation Time

The tall grass and weeds are now just starting to get dried out – so its time to weed whack. I have an Echo unit that is great for uneven and tricky places, but I also have several areas with enough flat surface to justify renting – one of these bad boys. I see you can get one for $300 – so it might be more cost effective to buy – I’ll decide this weekend.

Once I get everything weed whacked, then I will start assessing the area for trying the Bobtail. I checked the pattern to see if it were “jogged” what would happen, and it gets pretty badly distorted – so it has to be in a straight line.

Tomorrow morning I will get a definitive answer to where my KWS-1 problem is – in the Power Supply or RF Deck. If its the Power Supply, then I think I can fix it myself – if its the RF Deck, not so sure. I am at a point where I really wish I had some help from an expert – in person, but I will pushing forward, slowly but surely.

The weed whacking will take all of the remaining time this weekend besides the KWS-1 testing – so I won’t be able to try the Bobtail until next weekend, but that’s OK – my ham radio these days is relaxed and casual – go slow and learn as I go. I really like this – I got so tired of chasing DXCC – it really did become a job – and for what?

I like “meandering” through my hobby much better.


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