Epiphone Archtop

Back in the 1980’s I played in a couple of bands that played mostly in San Francisco nightclubs – one notch above dive bars – and I had the time of my life. I wasn’t the best musician, but my love was song writing – if I could have written songs for others to play I would have continued to play. However – the bands I played in always got gigs, and at all the “accessible” places in the SF Bay Area.

Last weekend I got back together with friends from those days, and it was a blast. In fact, my very good friend Jeff is setting me up with this guitar – its one too many guitars that he has, and he is encouraging me to play again. Our very good mutual friend Rick also plays – so our joke is that we are “getting the band back together”. Anyway, the style of this guitar is from the 30’s – so it matches my SW-3 Vintage style from that era I suppose – but I’m excited to get back into it – just for the fun of it.

The Hotel Utah – my favorite place to play

Before the 1990’s “Dot Con” – San Francisco’s SOMA district was a fun place – still industrial – with a sprinkling of night spots and cafes. You could get a gig pretty easily – as long as you were half way decent. In a word San Francisco was “accessible” for aspiring artists.

I also had my black and white photography displayed at quite a few cafe’s in SOMA back then

The onslaught of SF Tech companies wiped out that accessibility – I heard that you couldn’t even think about getting gigs the way we did – everything is big corporate – and this is why all the artists and musicians moved out of SF. Luckily, they are in Oakland, Berkeley, and other parts of the East Bay – where I live and work.


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