1930’s Regal Guitar Amp

1930’s Regal Amplifier

To go with the 1930’s Epiphone Archtop, this 1930’s Regal amplifier will complement the sound and looks quite nicely. I’m quite excited – I’ll be getting together with my friend Jeff to write songs again. Jeff and I played in a band back in the 80’s in San Francisco, and he lived next door for several years when we lived in San Francisco. Turns out – my new job in Oakland is one BART stop away from where Jeff works.

The Regal amp was made in Chicago and its tubes and electronics are something that I can easily repair if need be. I will test the tubes and if it hasn’t been done already – recap it.

Jeff and I played at the Hotel Utah quite a few times

It turns out Jeff also is a big fan of the 1930’s aesthetic and style – from Art Deco to Dada and Surrealism, to literature and fashion.

Aldous Huxley’s 1931-32 Brave New World

I have to re-read Huxley’s Brave New World. When I read it in school – I did not know that Huxley wrote it as a parody – I did know that it was perhaps the first dystopian novel that I read. I remember that parts I found challenging – but due to the fact that some of the absurdity in the book has come to pass, its time to check it out again.

Man Ray’s portrait of Coco Chanel

There isn’t a thing that Man Ray did that I am not at least curious about – if not downright loved. I think the aesthetic has an interesting “light at the end of the tunnel effect for me – the lighting was high contrast light and dark, and the world was emerging from the Great Depression. The fact that people pushed forward as they did – and with such optimism is a real inspiration for me – especially given what has been happening politically in the US – and in the world even.

My family left Germany in the late 20’s – and of course, the run up to WWII was not a good time, but those early 1930 years were something else – a fleeting moment where artists, authors, architects and even industrialists were plotting what would become the “Modern Times” in so many ways.

OK – back to the guitar amp – I really have to try to write some lyrics about the 1930’s – in fact, there is so much to write about – I could write an albums worth.

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