End of Cycle 24: Beginning of Cycle 25

I don’t know why – but it just seems like the bottom of Cycle 24 is not – and will not be as long and as bad as the bottom of Cycle 23

The bottom of Cycle 23 was downright brutal. It was zero and went that way for a long time. It seemed like nothing much was happening above 40M – but it did cement 40M as my all time favorite band. I could still work stations around the world with sunspots at zero.

I’m not nearly as excited (or downright OCD) about chasing DX as I used to be – but I still do like following Space Weather – just because its an active part of our world and solar system.

It could be wishful thinking, but it just seems the “cadence” of the bottom of this cycle is faster and we are getting more sunspots every now and then than the bottom of the last cycle. Who knows – maybe Cycle 25 will be better than they predict – which is that is will be about the same as Cycle 24 – “lackluster” at best.

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