KWS-1: Brass Foil Fix

My digital calipers say .05 mm brass foil is what is needed

There are some tools that you purchase for one project – and where when you need them you just gotta have em. The digital calipers is exactly such a tool. I measured the brass tape (it really is foil), and it is nominally .05 mm thick. I have ordered both .05 mm and .1 mm just in case. Its not expensive – and with one day delivery, if I find I need another size, I can order it and get it the next day.

I will take the two broken pieces and use them as a stencil on this new foil and then cut the strip, drill the holes, and then solder around the holes to reinforce them. Its a very interesting product – and yet another wonderful reason to keep these grand old Collins rigs going – when I looked underneath the rig – it was spotless, and Howard, W3HM did an absolute master craftsman’s work. All of the components looked very clean, and the separate highly shielded sections and stages is real artwork.

This is a great web page for a restoration that a fellow down near San Diego did. Reading about how he took the KWS-1 apart and how he built his own power supply was a big help.

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