Monitoring the KWS-1

MFJ-267 Dummy Load / Wattmeter and Palstar PM-2000A Wattmeter

The MFJ-267 (upper left) with my mod to add two micro muffin fans has been a really great piece of gear for my KWS-1 “adventure”. It stays cool when I tune the rig up – even when reaching 700 or 800 watts.

I purchased a Drake W4 Wattmeter, but it arrived damaged – so I am getting a refund. I decided to purchase a Palstar PM-2000A meter instead – its form factor and looks works well with the KWS-1. The Palstar does have an amber glow – which I like – event though the KWS-1 has been restored and has a more white glow with its meters and dial mechanism.

Palstar PM-2000A Wattmeter on top of the KWS-1

The watt meter for the KWS-1 is very important. The tuning procedure is so much easier when using a watt meter and tuning for “maximum smoke”.

The Central Electronics MM-2 Multiphase RF Analyzer

I can use this little vintage oscilloscope with the KWS-1, and so with it and the watt meter online, I will be set. It can also be used with the 75A4 receiver, so it will be interesting which one I decide to use it with – most likely the KWS-1 just because of where I can put the thing.

Telepost makes a beautiful station monitor – the LP-500 and LP-700, but because I am not running a transceiver – but a “pair”, it would not be worth using it with the Gold Dust Twins. The Palstar PM-2000A has the aesthetics that I want – I looked as a bunch of vintage meters, but the cross metering (watt out put simultaneously with SWR) is a must. It makes for  much faster tuning.

As soon as I get the brass foil I will try to fix the PTO – Slug rack mechanism with the hope to be on the air by this weekend.


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