Koolertron Signal Generator

The Koolertron (goofy name) 60 mhz Signal Generator – a killer deal at just over $100

This little bugger got rave reviews and is a real bargain. I used an old Heathkit Signal Generator when I was learning the oscilloscope, so when I saw this unit – and how much more advanced it is than that old Heathkit, that was that.

I am now into a whole new phase of my ham radio “career” – it was fun to learn with the KWS-1 project so far, and in the past I have had fun with Maker stuff, and back in the 90’s – building QRP rigs.

I plan on continuing to play electronics, and use my test gear to get a better insight, Seeing a frequency alongside a voltage sine wave was very useful and helpful in narrowing down the KWS-1 issue.

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