Brave New World and Tech Monoculture

Silicon Valley Tech Monoculture

A good part of Brave New World concentrates on technological innovation, assembly line automation, and cultural “sameness”.

Data: When is it Information?

In today’s world we are not cultivating people, we are cultivating data. Furthermore, the people cultivating data subscribe to a sameness, very much like working on an assembly line. The big difference is that because the skill level is much higher than was the case in a 1930’s Ford assembly line – data engineers and other data workers make good money and have the best accouterments and benefits – they are in an economic class quite a few notches above the 1930’s factory worker.

Another day at the Data Mines

Technology to process data has evolved at a breakneck speed, trying to catch up with way too much data – data that will never all be processed and consumed. Recently, Artificial Intelligence is the new shiny penny – the last several years was the 15 Minutes of Fame for “Data Scientists” – we shall see how this goes.

The TV show “Silicon Valley” poked fun at the Tech Monoculture – and had a promotional poster where all of the characters dressed like Steve Jobs and posed like him – it was hilarious.

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