Oolimo Chord Finder/Analyzer

The Oolimo Chord Finder / Analyzer

I spent way too much time last night trying to figure out a few chords I was playing while writing a song. I have some nice chord chart books – but that was too slow – I wanted to play – not sit there looking stuff up. I figured technology must have come a long way since I played guitar seriously last in the early 90’s. Sure enough, its amazing – I feel like I’m in a Time Warp! This Android app is exactly what I was hoping I would find. If I play my 1930’s style Epiphone Archtop 6 string guitar enough – and get back into song writing like I think I will – this 12 string could be in my future:

Gretsch G5422G-12 Electromatic Hollowbody

My very good friend Jeff – whom I used to play in a band with at quite a few venues in the SF Bay Area wants to use me as a guinea pig so he can start teaching guitar. We met at Blue Bear School of music and our teacher was Bonnie Hayes – who is now the Chairperson of Songwriting at Berklee:

Our Songwriting teacher, Bonnie Hayes

Wow – all of this is bringing back some of the very best memories of my life. The years I lived in San Francisco – 1984 – 1994 were pretty superb, and I am glad I lived there when there still was a “garage band” music scene. Things were so less “corporate” and ridiculously “techie” – there still were artists living there, and I am glad I was able to participate in that scene while it still lasted.

OK then – I’m back playing music and writing songs. I’m writing one right now and really upping my musicianship. I have no plans to play live – but I can write songs and just have fun – its so relaxing to come home, turn on the warm sounding tube amp, and fill my ears with some new sounds.

Regal Tube Amp

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