The Gretsch Bohemium Love Jones

Gretsch Guitars G2420 Streamliner Hollow Body with Chromatic II Electric Guitar Aged Brooklyn Burst

I’ve got the Bohemium Love Jones for this guitar. The features are phenomenal for the price. I couldn’t believe that for $150 more than what I paid for a lawnmower that I could get this guitar. Even 10 years ago – when I had other guitars – Fender or Rickenbacher – they were almost 3 times as much. This guitar has all of the same high quality features for a song (bad pun intended).

A few weekends ago, I visited my friends in Petaluma and we stopped into a local music store and the minute I saw this guitar I fell in love with it. The price at that store was $600, so when I saw the price at Guitar Center, I couldn’t believe it. I also cross checked the price on Amazon – which usually does have the lowest prices on stuff, and sure enough, its for real, and Guitar Centers price is as low as several vendors selling on Amazon.

I will go play it today and see what I think.

KY6R more than 30 years ago – at the Hotel Utah with a Rickenbacher 12 string

Its funny, in the past my “hobby time” was 100% Ham Radio, but for a while now I have been pining for something new. Getting back together with two best friends lately got me back into playing and song writing, and while I’m 30+ years older than when I played in nightclubs – my love was always song writing, not playing live. Instead of being driven by some need to play in a band live, I now am doing it purely for the fun of it. My Epiphone archtop is a “parlor guitar”, meaning its a bit smaller than the Gretsch, so I can sit in my beloved green chair and play it. I also really love my tube – wooden Regal amplifier – just like I love my SW-3 and Gold Dust Twins. Now I totally understand the antique and vintage radio fanatics and their saying “keep your filaments lit”. Tubes most definitely rock – for music and Ham Radio.

The Fox Theatre, Oakland

I now work one block away from my all time favorite (large) music venue – the Fab Oakland Fox Theatre. I saw Cake, The Decemberists, Sonic Youth and The Pixies there, and I just love this venue. My wife Kat and I will most likely move to our Oakland house – and I will be able to ride my bike to work. I really, really don’t want to work in San Francisco again – and I really, really love working in downtown Oakland these days – and will do everything I can to stay in the East Bay. The way Oakland is coming alive is very exciting, and the city is much cleaner, more accessible, less crowded and has spotless BART stations as compared to San Francisco. Oh – and the weather is pretty much the best in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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