1930’s Transmitter Project?

1930’s AM Transmitter – using SW-3 Style National “Velvet Vernier” dials

This transmitter was featured in this blog:

Showcase: Homemade 1930s-Style AM Radio Transmitter

WOW – what a beauty. I met with my friend Doc, K7SO yesterday, and he suggested I get a matching transmitter for my 1931 National SW-3 – so I can experience Ham Radio circa 1931. I love the idea, but not finding any 1930’s transmitters for sale – it turns out that this is a popular project for those who want to build tube gear – and the parts are available – with just a little searching. In fact, there are tons of old non working gear to be had on the cheap – and I already know I can get NOS tubes – since I did that with my SW-3 – I have three replacement tubes for it.

The Utah 1930’s Beginners Transmitter

Making a simple CW transmitter 1930’s style turns out to be a much easier affair than one that has AM. I will check out something on my SW-3 that I haven’t done yet – put in the coils for the 40M band and see what the CW band sounds like. I’ve got a backlog of projects now – but building a 1930’s one tube CW transmitter would be a really cool project indeed.

2 Comments on “1930’s Transmitter Project?

  1. Since you often play at the The Hotel Utah, it’s only fitting that you should build a replica Utah transmitter!


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