My New Favorite Key: The Begali Intrepid

The Begali Intrepid Bug / Paddle – absolute genius!

When I purchased this key used, I did not really understand it – I thought it was a Bug, and a weird one at that. Its actually two keys in one – a single lever sideswiper paddle and a bug.

Another genius Begali Swedish Pump Key – “only” a straight key – but the feel of it is amazing . . .

I made my first QSO with the Collins KWS-1 using the Begali straight key

I learned how great the Intrepid was only because I needed a Bug AND a paddle – the Bug for the KWS-1 and the paddle for my IC-7300 or – when I use the Hallicrafters TA-1 “TO Keyer”:

The Hallicrafters TA-1 “T.O Keyer” . . .

The Begali Intrepid works perfectly with the IC-7300 and the KWS-1 – and can be a paddle or a bug on the 7300 – and with the TO Keyer – the same thing with the KWS-1.

The winners are in the upper left – the losers are along the bottom . . .

The Begali Intrepid is way more adjustable than any Vibroplex, SpeedX or even McElroy bug.

The other thing I learned is that the single lever “sideswiper” actually is much better for me – because I NEVER learned Iambic “squeeze” keying – I always have used a paddle as a bug – which is a total bastardization.

N3ZN Dual Lever Paddle – my favorite dual lever paddle

Dont get me wrong – my favorite dual lever paddles re still Tony Beleno’s – N3ZN – even over the Begali offerings, but wow – do I have a new (renewed) love affair with Begali Keys.

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