Ham Shack Constraints

Surly Pack Rat Bike

I don’t like rats, so I was glad when I saw that there is a bike called the Packrat. But this post is not about bikes – but about pack rats. I am not one – and after my divorce – when I learned its best to travel as lite as you can in life and keep only the things you use – that I would “have” only what I need and use regularly.

The uncluttered KY6R Ham Shack

While I was waiting for my KWS-1 to be restored, I re-arranged my shack – and it can fit only what you see here. This has a limiting effect on what I can keep. Recently I did purchase a few cool things – only because they became available for a great price – such as the Hallicrafters TO Keyer and the Multiphase RF Analyzer. The problem? There just isn’t enough room. The best thing about this – what fits in my shack is exactly what I need – and nothing more.

There are a few things I will be selling soon – the “overage”. This time around I will make a couple hundred since the items I am selling I got at “steal” prices, and there are a few sought after items.

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