Cub Cadet String Mower

The Cub Cadet Walk Behind String Mower

I have a nice Echo weed whacker, and while that unit is great for small areas, this year the weeds are 4′ high because of the amount of rain that we received – including this past week. The Cub Cadet has separate oil and gas tanks (no mixing required), and the string is much easier to replace than on my Echo weed whacker. Also – this baby will cut thick brush – something the Echo just doesn’t do.

I will have to wait until June to use it though – we just received several days of significant rain – late in the season, and unseasonably cool too – this was (I’m guessing) the last of the big Winter storms – we sometimes have gotten showers into June (not normal but I have experienced it a few times since moving to California in 1982) – but such a cool late storm with it being this cold is unusual.

40M Bobtail Curtain

Besides weed abatement for fire prevention reasons – I will also enjoy making fast work of the weeds so I can start planning on my 140′ wide Bobtail Curtain – with Collins 180S-1 remote antenna tuner – set to 40M. While I really love my DX Engineering DV-40P 40M array, I do have to try the 40M Bobtail Curtain – because this will no doubt be my last chance at trying it. Once we move from Orinda, my antennas will have to be much smaller and simpler. I doubt I’ll be able to use the Gold Dust twins where we will move – they take up a lot of space (although many people do stack them). In fact, I will be using the KWS-1 almost exclusively on 40M – since it is a “museum piece” transmitter – one I will use from time to time for nostalgia sake.

Collins KWS-1 replacement part that I will have to fabricate

This Memorial Day Weekend will be filled with trying to fix the KWS-1. The ground is way too wet for me to use the new Cub Cadet – so I’ll try to wrap up the KWS-1 repair. That will mean after this weekend I will be more outdoors on weekends around the house – getting the yard in better shape – right now it is overgrown and needs some attention. We have been weeding all winter, and its been really hard to keep up with.



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