New Shack Shelving

KY6R Shack – cozy and fits the gear just right – with no space to spare

On the right of this picture, the parts bins fit the shelf I built just over a year ago – and I had re-arranged the shack specifically to fit the Gold Dust Twins. I even cut an old kitchen table and moved the legs so I could put that little “return table” in front of the KWS-1 Power Supply.

I have a bookshelf to the left of that picture, and right now – there is just art and trinkets on it – I could take lumber I purchased to extend the operating shelf – that I never used a year ago – and build an “on top the bookshelf” shelf that would enclose and hold the parts bins. Then, I could put my test gear above the small workbench – it would be perfect for projects where I need the bench, and would also keep me from piling stuff on the workbench as I do now.

This Memorial Day weekend will have several fun things in store – fixing the KWS-1, building this shelf, playing guitar, going to the gym and going on a couple bike rides.

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