Big Fun Weekend

Cub Cadet String Mower

This bad boy made easy work of our side and back yards – which had 4′ thistle growing in some parts. Use the right tool for the job sure is right.

Gretsch G2420 Streamliner Hollow Body with Chromatic II Electric Guitar Aged Brooklyn Burst

My fingers now have calluses – so playing the guitar is getting much easier. I’ve had a new love affair with playing guitar and even writing songs. The tube amp is also a joy to listen to.

New shelving units in the shack

I built the shelves and they turned out just great – photo’s tomorrow . . .

KWS-1 working 100% – although still with that plastic “shim” – but the WPX CW contest is too good to pass up. I might do the repair Sunday or Monday

I worked a handful of WPX CW stations and had a blast today. I am using my paddle – and swapped out the MFJ-267 out for the Palstar PM2000A. Honestly, its not really any better – they both are fine, and in fact – the MFJ with the dummy load (that I added the mini muffin fans) was a great deal and gets the job done.

Got a ton done today, looking forward to a couple more nice days this weekend like today.


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