Son of URAT: CNC Stepper Control

An Arduino board can control up to three stepper motors – this is what a CNC machine is, basically

The choice of driver is determined by what features you want, and what code you want to use. There are tons of videos for this application, and its perhaps one of the most popular projects. My URAT project was  lot more involved – where I used an Elecraft KPOD to turn two steppers, and used the rocker switch to control both motors. In this new project – I will just use three separate rotary encoders. I am pretty sure I have all of the parts – so that will be cool. I also will be able to play with my oscilloscope and Logic Analyzer.

My “beater” Collins 180S-1 antenna tuner

I will use three stepper motors to tune this antenna tuner – and have it in a weatherproof box out back. I will use three rotary encoders to be able to manually – and remotely control the three controls. I might even do this using wireless – so the only wire would end up being the coax. Here are some videos:

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