The Science of Radio

The Science of Radio – by Paul Nahin of the University of New Hampshire

This is one of two books highly recommended and also that has lessons which include using an oscilloscope as an educational tool. When you take measurements with a scope at particular points in the circuit, its amazing how that schematic comes more to life. In fact, because you can see the voltage, frequency and the actual visual wave – you can then understand how one or more components in a circuit works.

The Electronics of Radio – by David Rutledge of Caltech

The Electronics of Radio covers the NorCal40A and also has many exercises where you use a scope to see how a particular circuit works.

The Nahin book is a bit more approachable – not quite as crammed to the rafters with math as the Rutledge book is – but in both books I will have exercises to do and a lot of learning with my oscilloscope and signal generator.

The Collins KWS-1 and its test points – with a Siglent 1202X-E Oscilloscope

Its interesting that I would end up getting into modern test gear by probing and testing a 60+ year old transmitter. Ironically, the problem ended up being mechanical – but that is the point – I eliminated the electrical workings first – then scratched my head – then accidentally found that the transmitter worked only at the highest end of the band.

With these books – I am in it for the basic physics lessons and to further my education. I enjoyed using my scope so much – I want to pursue this – because when I used the scope while also going ovet the KWS-1 schematic, and whole new level of detail opened up for me in my learning pursuit.

And for me, learning is the best part of life.

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