Gold Dust Miner

In the last 6 months I’ve made several treks to the Northeast of Orinda – Gold Dust Territory!

Its perhaps a coincidence, but the Gold Dust Twins and now the AB-577 had me travelling to the Northeast. In fact, the succession had been the 75A-4 in Pittsburg, CA, then the KWS-1 in Sacramento proper and the AB-577 – a lot closer to Lake Tahoe than I had anticipated – I was almost all the way to Blue Canyon. Definitely “Gold Dust / 49er” territory for sure.

Squaw in the Lake Tahoe area and Mammoth in the Southern Sierras are still open for skiing!

On my way back, I was up on a ridge above Auburn, and I looked to my southeast and saw beautiful mountains just covered in snow. I also read recently that Mammoth Mountain – quite a bit south will be open for skiing until August – which is just amazing. I’m pretty sure what I saw was the mountains in and around Kirkwood and the Dardanelles. California may be criticized for a lot of things – but it is still a beautiful state – with a ton of interesting things going on. Much of the complaints and grousing really is the price of success – I have lived in places back east where it was a ghost town – where everyone moved away, not to as they have California. The Rust Belt . . .

My family moved here in 1979 and I followed in 1982, and while I think its unfortunate that its a state that is too expensive to retire in, I respect that so many have come to California to find their fortune – and its an echo of the Gold Rush Days – where so many came to places in and around Auburn, CA (especially Sutters Mill in Coloma – very close to Auburn). In fact, when my kids were in grade school I was a chaperone and stayed over night at Sutters Mill (epicenter of the Gold Rush) – it was really awesome. I could feel ghosts of those who had “Gold Fever” way back when. My favorite story is how Levi Strauss was smart enough to sell supplies to those with Gold Dust Fever – especially his famous “Dungarees”.

I think I have eliminated the possibility that my KWS-1 was used in the 1955 SAC SSB tests – due to the fact that mine was built in 1958 – after these tests would have taken place. But it could have been used at Mather or Travis AFB.[w3my_russ].pdf

Anyway – California may have gotten overpopulated and has its share of problems, but it has also provided a good living for so many – so I think I’ll respect that sometimes maybe you can be the victim of your own success.

I’ll stay thankful that this Computer Science college graduate from Lock Haven State College ended up in the San Francisco Bay Area. I’m a lot like those Gold Dust Miners who ended up here looking for their fortunes in 1849.


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