The 2019 KY6R Antenna Plan: Simplify

My old dual band Moxon on an AB-952 Military Mast

This picture (above) looks more like what the UrbanBeam will look like on my new AB-577 than this Monster:

DXU-32 on AB-577 – up 55′

While I am not in any rush, I will soon put up the AB-577 and take down the 40M phased array and the 80M vertical – leaving just this one support. The new 80M wire antenna will hang from the new mast and act like guys in 2 directions.

This means I will have 80 – 6M covered and 20 – 6M with gain.

Since there are 4′ weeds all around my DV-40P phased vertical array – I’ll swap the ALM-31 with the AB-577 and add the new 80M ladder line fed inverted vee as one of the highest guys. I’ll weed whack and take down the 3 verticals Sunday.

I will still keep the ALM-31 – since it could be used for a bunch of things, and is a keeper. The UrbanBeam did turn out to be the perfect antenna – and getting the antenna up so it plays as well as my DV-40P on 40M will be fun.

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