40M Antenna A-B Testing

The DX Engineering DV-40P phased vertical array

Before I take down this vertical array, I will take some A – B measurements. I will establish a baseline between the UrbanBeam at 34-ish feet and the phased vertical array. Once the AB-577 gets the UrbanBeam up 5-55′, I will take new measurements – between the phased vertical array and with the antenna higher.

The areas of interest will be W1AW – since I listen to the CW Bulletins nightly with a goal of becoming fluent with “ear only” copy. The other area of interest is ZS.

TEST 1: W1AW – 7047.4 CW 0327 utc

DXE – S8, with quite a bit of static QRN
UrbanBeam at 34-ish feet – S8-9 with less static and QRN

Conclusion – tonight and with a station only 3000-ish miles away, the UrbanBeam wins – because even though the signal is about the ame on each, its just easier to copy on the UrbanBeam.

I2VRN – 7.198 SSB – DXE wins by 1 S unit and its just easier to copy

Test #1 Conclusion – UrbanBeam is fine for more local work when its only up 34′.

TEST #2: 7.163 DX Group – Miami, FL area 0825 utc (both ends of the circuit in the dark)

DXE – S9

UrbanBeam – S7

Test #2 Conclusion – not sure what this means – I’m kind of surprised, actually . . .

TEST #3: DF2BO at 0322 – ESP on both, but better on the DXE.

Test #3 Conclusion – this makes perfect sense – the lower angle is at play here

The prognosis (so far) is that getting the UrbanBeam up in the 50-ish foot range will equal or surpass the phased vertical array.

One thing that is most interesting is that the low angle aspect of the verticals is noticeable on certain paths. It’s impossible to tell how low an angle works in my bowl QTH and what is getting cut off. I suspect the EU signals would be stronger if I were on flat ground for miles our or on top of a small Hill or rise.

For W1AW, the lower yagi consistently was better several nights in a row. If I ever were to chase County Hunting awards, some days I’d have the AB-577 lower and for EU or ZS, higher.

I2VRN was in the grey line at his sunrise – the West Coast has about 1+ hours before sunset

TEST #4: I2VRN – S7 on the DXE – but at least 2 S units are noise. The UrbanBeam is S5 – but no noise, and Q5. Its not too much of a surprise – especially given we are getting into the summer noise . . .

3D2CR at 0637 utc – they were in their grey line at sunset – its as far as most of EU

TEST #5: 3D2CR – DXE – F/B (S5 in NE dir – S6 in SW – which is 3 dB – totally on spec)

UrbanBeam – S6 – so even a low dipole does OK

TEST #5 Conclusion – OC-PAC is easy from the West Coast on any antenna – including a wet noodle

2 Comments on “40M Antenna A-B Testing

    • OK – I’m testing W1AW now. I2VRN is on a frequency that happens to have a nasty QRM on – else I could test that too


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