Art, Science, Travel and History

The Train Still Came to Newton During the KWS-1 Heyday

I love this map – its the train line that went from Chicago to New York City – but it passes by every place I have lived back east – Newton, NJ, Lock Haven, PA and Fairport, NY (Rochester). The train stopped coming to Newton in the mid to late 1960’s – and I clearly remember the old train station was part of “Urban Renewal” – that stupid time in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s – where they decided to tear down historical buildings and put up the cheapest, ugliest buildings in their place.

The Collins KWS-1 was already replaced by the KWM series rigs which made Collins famous in Ham Radio circles.

I like putting a time period in perspective by considering what was going on and what was in peoples minds – Art, Literature, Science and Invention, and Travel all combine to tell a very rich story.

Streetcars Used to Crawl All Over The East Bay

I have been taking BART to work most of my life – MUNI and BART when I lived in San Francisco – and BART since moving to the East Bay in 1994. I have a much closer affinity to urban and suburban forms of travel – especially trains – since getting rid of my car 2 years ago – yes – its hard to believe – I haven’t owned a car for 2 years. Last weekend, when I rented that Grand Caravan – I realize that I can rent something anytime I want.

So, yeah, how people got around, what art they were seeing, what music they were listening to – and with what technology all combine to fill in a lot of gaps and add artifacts and detail that you just can’t get reading a single history book.

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