The Dystopia of Our Times

The 1930’s are one of the most intriguing times for me. The world was changing politically, socially and technically, and it truly was the best of times and the worst of times.

The Soviet Union was rising as was Nazism and other evil empires. Isolationism and other forms of fanaticism were on the rise.

The Great Depression was still felt but things were getting better economically. New factories churning out assembly line cars and other products en masse. Unions formed to try to head off worker exploitation.

Street cars had not yet been replaced by the automobile.

Some of the most amazing new products hit the scene, radio for sure, but with rapidly advancing technology, the same applies to many other products.

Art, literature and fashion was quite amazing in the 30’s.

In re-reading Brave New World and 1984, they seem to both chronicle and warn what would happen in the future. The dystopian angle surely was influenced by what was fantastic on one hand and frightening on the other. Imagine assembly lines and the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany rising and that seems to be the real Crux behind these stories.

I wanted to see if the 1930’s were anything like what we are going through today. I had been worrying about Russia interfering with our democracy. I have been thinking how installing a happless incompetent president who constantly distracts the American people would be the perfect Trojan Horse that could then be used to bring America to it’s knees.

Naw, could never happen …

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