Begali HST III Switchbox

Begali HST III Single Lever Sideswiper Key

It’s quite ironic that my 1958 built Collins KWS-1 taught me a lesson about Morse Code Keys.

After almost 40 years of being a ham radio operator, I realized that (besides a straight key) the best key for me is the one I have never tried.

The wonderfully strange Begali Intrepid

The Begali Intrepid is a Single Lever Sideswiper as well as a bug – it’s strange but a truly genius key.

I tried it’s bug mode, but did not like the way bugs work after (erroneously) using a dual lever paddle. I have been slapping dual lever paddles if they were sort of like a bug. I have never done squeeze or iambic keying and never will. Two strikes – against a bug and a dual lever paddle. Enter the “Cootie Key”. My sending is exactly suited for the Single Lever Paddle.

Project enclosure

I will build a little box with a rotary 1P4T switch so I can switch the HST III between four rigs – the KWS-1, IC-7300, NorCal40A and Red Hot 40.

Mike, AB3AP used a 2P5T switch

I’m really looking forward to the Begali HST III – I am sure it will be the “logical conclusion” to this 40 year search.

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