80M Inverted Vee and AB-577

The New KY6R Antenna Farm

I will get the UrbanBeam up 50′ today, and will have an Inverted Vee for 75/80M hanging from the top. This is very much a “standard” ham radio antenna configuration – a yagi on top and then an inverted vee for the low bands. Its what all of my early ham radio mentors suggested when I got started. Having 20 – 10M in a yagi and using an Inverted Vee on all bands under 20M is not at all optimal for DXCC, but because the UrbanBeam covers 40 – 6M, using an inverted vee for what I will do is just fine.

I’ve wanted to have “one antenna support to rule them all” and today I will. I also will free up some badly needed rig shelf space – so I can get my NorCal40A and Red Hot 40 back on the air. I will also get my Begali HST III switch box built today. I think I will have 3 inputs and 4 outputs – so I can have one each type of key that I have (3) that can be used with each of my 4 rigs. The three keys will all be Begali keys – the “Blade”, “Intrepid” and HST III, and the rigs will be the IC-7300, NorCal40A, Red Hot 40 and Collins KWS-1.

I also hope to finish my shack lighting today – so far it looks great and I will now have a much more interesting place to play, build and recreate.

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