Postman REST API Development Environment Review

Postman API Development and Test Tool Logo

There is a company in San Francisco that makes one of my all time favorite browser based software development tools – Postman. Besides the coolest logo on the planet, their software is one of those products that has exactly everything you need to develop and test REST API’s, and no bloat or extraneous garbage – that plague so many other development tools.

The design and test page of the (AWESOME) Postman API development tool

Postman is like having an awesome Oscilloscope for REST API development – you can get “readings” on your interface and then automatically document and share and post them.

The API Doc Generator in Postman – courtesy Postman 

I’m building the coolest new app at LendUp for CCPA (and other regulatory Compliance support), and we have even discussed Open Sourcing it. On January 1, 2020, this new regulation will affect any company that has California customers data and is over a certain size – (in company size and revenue) – but it will affect all of the bigger players – Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, etc. Fines can amount to up to 4% of a companies revenue – which can be substantial. While some will not like such regulation – its a new wave that is spreading like wildfire through the IT sector – and has been brought on by all of the data breaches that have the potential to ruin peoples lives financially. In Europe they have had GDPR for a year – so they were the first to get these new “Data Rights” for customers. I think its long overdue – I had phony accounts opened up at my (former) bank – which I left promptly and will never go back to because of that. I also buried my social media accounts because I no longer feel safe using their products (just read the news – every other day you read about data breaches and issues).

This book is confirming that what I am building will support CCPA Regulatory Compliance

I’ve had a great 2+ years learning, building and evolving my REST API and Microservice architecture skills – and these coincide with one of the most important “hot topics” in IT that I have seen in many years. Postman makes developing these REST API based Microservices a real joy.


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