DX Engineering DV-40-P vs. UrbanBeam

The UrbanBeam up 50′ on the AB-577

TEST #1 – VK/ZL – S5 on the DXE array and S7 on the UrbanBeam (rotatable dipole on 40M)

TEST #2 – JA – S3 on the DXE, S5 on the UrbanBeam

TEST #3 – Noise Level on clear frequency in 40M – S2 – 3 on both the DXE and UrbanBeam

TEST #4 – WB2REM – 7.163 DX Group – they are about the same. This is what I expected – that a dipole up at least 50′ would be the same as the DXE phased array. This really underscores how great the DXE DV-40-P system is – many hams cannot get a 40M dipole up 50′ or more – so phased vertical arrays can get you on the air as a competitive DXCC chaser and DXer. That’s a big deal.

TEST #6 – HL5FUA – S5 on DXE, S7 on UrbanBeam

TEST #7 – W1AW – S7 on DXE, S9 on UrbanBeam

TEST #8 – DF2BO – about the same on both – ESP, and the UrbanBam was pointed E – W, so not optimal direction wise

TEST #9 – EA6NB – about the same

I will look for EU and ZS stations to complete my tests. But so far, my expectations have been met. I like having the UrbanBeam up at 50′ – it now performs very well on 40 – 6M, and it allows me to have one antenna support. Even a makeshift 80M Inverted Vee hanging from the AB-577 gets me onto the nightly nets with ease – its no DX antenna, but that’s OK.

The EU and ZS tests will deal the deal – I will either leave the DXE up as a backup – or take it down. I’ve wanted a single antenna support for 13 years at this QTH, and now I think I am finally there. I don’t exactly know why I have wanted this – I suppose its simplicity – which is what the SteppIR UrbanBeam is all about.


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