Diamond W735 80/40M Shorty

The Diamond W735 80 / 40M Dipole

I hung a temporary 75M dipole from the AB-577 on Sunday, and found that the ends are way too far out for my comfort. I don’t have the supports I need – so I will go with a shortened version.

I only use 75M for a nightly net, and so once I take down the DXE DV-40-P phased array, I’ll have the UrbanBeam and this antenna as my backup.

I’ve never liked Inverted Vee’s for DXing, but they are great for local work – like nets or emergency communication.

That reminds me – we are so long over due for a major earthquake – I need to get us better prepared for the coming big one.

2 Comments on “Diamond W735 80/40M Shorty

  1. That’s what I run here, Rich. Works great! Been up for a few years now. I am also adding a 160 shorty dipole (82′) from Hy-power Antennas soon. I am going to put a remote antenna switch on the tower so I can use my existing run of coax for both of them.

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  2. It looks very well made – nicer than the Alpha Delta, and is also reasonably priced.


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