Nostradamus (NOT) Says . . .

Nostradamus – a Famous French Astrologer, Physician and Seer

I have only heard of a few things Nostradamus predicted, and it seems only sport to try to interpret his predictions and project them onto today’s scene. Every now and then I have a few predictions just for fun. Here are a few:

  1. The sunspot cycle will start climbing up toward Cycle 25 in 2020 – I think we are in the trough and that it won’t last as long as the last bottom of the cycle between Cycle 23 and 24. This is a bit earlier than some have predicted. Since such predictions are about as valid as Nostradamus – and more importantly – Emperor Norton of San Francisco fame – what the hell – I’ll throw in my goofy predictions
  2. The economy will nosedive – and that Trump would be wise not to run again – else it will ruin his self decreed greatness as “The Best President Ever”. I am serious here – I think the ONLY thing that will get Trump out of office will be that he fears what he fears most – that his “Brand” will take a beating – just like it did with those crappy casinos in JoiseyRump says it all . . . .
    I base my prediction on the fact that he has been absolutely paranoid and more protective of his financial health than just about anything else – he really, really doesn’t want you to know what New Clothes are in the Emperors Closet . . . I still think Karma will win in the end. I have gotten to the point where my “fascination” with Trump has ended – its no longer entertaining, shocking, and I even stopped watching Stephen Colbert, Bill Maher and SNL – and I wonder how many others have also “moved on” . . . after all – if the “viewership ratings” tank for Trump – what will he do? What if everyone just starts ignoring him – now there’s a great question . . . Also, there are several consolidations going on in IT and Fintech. This means we are at the end of huge profits, and this has usually been a sign that the bubble is about to break. Trump’s Tariffs and bully-badwill tactics will be his undoing, not anything the Democrats do. Trump will take himself down in the end …
  3. 3Y0I – the Rebels WILL activate Bouvet, and I WILL work one ATNO this year! Maybe even with the KWS-1 – which would be so EPIC

OK – enough of this wacky stuff – I always like to guess what might happen in the not too distant future.

2 Comments on “Nostradamus (NOT) Says . . .

  1. As a fellow NJ refugee, I can certainly attest to the path of destruction left behind by our “Dear Leader”. Hope he doesn’t bankrupt our country the way he has his own businesses!

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  2. I swear – he seems to be bent for failure. He seems to be like that kid that asks his Dad if he can do something dangerous – the Dad says NO – and he does it anyway because he is a little shit. Its sort of like a gambler who doesn’t stop until all the money is gone – push it past the limit. Its all based on ego, bravado and ignorance.

    Watch the GOP when the economy crashes (yet again) on their watch. They will again call Social Security an “entitlement” and instead of admitting giving the 1% huge tax breaks a HUGE mistake – will “Trickle Down” and Rob the middle class of their Retirement. It’s coming.

    Its Monty Python’s “Dennis Moore” skit – “He robs from the poor and gives to the rich – silly bitch” . . . .


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