Summer Solstice on its Way . . .

Summer Sun – and Fun

The Summer Solstice is just around the corner – I had a great (but hot) weekend, doing my first Summer Project. The tradition started when I would be worried about the “DX Doldrums” – and I wanted a way to keep myself engaged when lean DXing times hit.

URAT Summer Project from a few years back

Now a days, all of my time is spent “dinking around” with all kinds of fun little projects – some small electronic projects, to antennas to even re-arranging my shack. This past year I added in vintage radio.

Today the Bay Area heat up to record temperatures – the hottest day of the year

I think today’s record heat has me thinking about the Summer Solstice. The Winter and Summer Solstice’s seem to creep up every year – and then bingo – they are here. My big 2019 antenna project is now in the books – and I can’t wait to get the Begali HST III and also get the NorCal40A and Red Hot 40 on the air. My DXE vs. UrbanBeam tests are underway, and I have a small list of projects I want to do.

No Summer Doldrums here – ain’t got time for that.

Now – speaking of the turning of the seasons – maybe we will get lucky and 3Y0I will activate Bouvet in October – they seem ultra driven, and probably pumped up a little from their Conway Reef 3D2CR DXpedition – which was a big win. With a really small team – they reminded people that they are quite the formidable DX team.

Until then – I will be having fun puttering around.

2 Comments on “Summer Solstice on its Way . . .

  1. Is it just me, or does it always seem cruel that the longest day of the year occurs at the *beginning* of summer? I’ve always had this mental image of summer as a time of long sunlit evenings, iced tea and a good ramble in the countryside. But in fact, every day in summer is a bit shorter than the one before. Seems like being ripped off somehow.


    • I hope we at least stop changing the clocks twice a year – that would go a long way to make things feel more natural. It also depends on latitude – in Hawaii, I remember the days and nights being relatively even throughout the year.


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