CW Nirvana: The Begali HST III

My new engraved Begali HST III Single Lever Paddle

As I had hoped for – after my “happy accident” with the Begali Intrepid – I have found CW nirvana! It all started when I had a “nostalgic itch” that needed to be scratched – or so I thought. I had a “jones” for a Bug – and to bring back memories from 1973 – 1976 (ish) when I was active in middle and high school as WN2QHN and then WA2QHN.

Wrong! I hated trying to use a Bug again.

Luckily, the “odd bird” Begali Intrepid was hanging out in my shack – and I learned that it operates as a Bug AND a single lever paddle. I stumbled on this when wiring it up for my IC-7300 and Collins KWS-1. The Icom has a built in keyer – the KWS-1 not. I started using the Intrepid as a single lever paddle and it was fantastic – albeit a little weird – since the weight still jiggles when you send as a single lever paddle. I suppose I could take the weights off – but then I realized Begali makes the HST III.

I received it and put in on the air with the IC-7300 – and it was love at first site (and send). Its EXACTLY how I send – a cross between my old bug days and my use of a keyer using a double lever paddle – which was to sort of bang it or slap it back and forth (gently of course).

I’m not kidding – my sending is actually better. I usually “slur the KY in KY6R a bit – and now my sending is cleaner – and faster! For my hand – this key fits like a glove.

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