UrbanBeam on 40M at 50′ vs. the DX Engineering DV-40-P

The UrbanBeam up 50′ (almost always) beats the DX Engineering DV-40-P

As you can see, even at 50′, the UrbanBeam is fairly high angle – but even at lower angles, it meets or beat the DXE DV-40-P.

The UrbanBeam at 25 degrees TOA beats the DXE DV-40-P by 1 dB in the DV-40-P endfire direction

I cannot sing the praises enough for the DX Engineering’s DV-40-P. For a simple phased array – that can easily be hidden on any small suburban lot – you get a world class competitive DX antenna that can work DX throughout a Solar Cycle and hear DX world wide through every year and every day of every year.

If you can hear some “sadness” in my tone here – you are right. There is no doubt that I will take down the DV-40-P, but will stash it under the house as a back up antenna. If I ever move where I cannot put up a 50′ mast – the AB-577, then I will sneak the DV-40-P back up.

I even thought about keeping it up, but realize that getting the gear back under the house will keep it from the elements – and preserve it for another day. I sure don’t plan on buying a house that has an HOA or CC&R, but since my dream is to live in the Historic part of Bend, OR, I might be under a height restriction like they have in Concord, CA – where antennas can’t be above 30-ish feet. In Concord its no doubt because they are near Buchanan Field, but local Bend hams told me there is some ordinance in Bend regarding antennas. I know of a ham that has a crank up 50′ tower – but he is not on the historic side of town – he is out of the downtown area a bit. That could also keep me from the dream of living in a historic cottage – I might choose “practical” over aesthetics. It would also be a lot cheaper I bet – but we will see when that time comes.

The best thing is – I will have choices, and the DV-40-P will always have a place in my heart as the DX antenna with the most bang for the buck in all the years I have been a Ham. I guess it has become my favorite antenna – only because it does what no other antenna does as far as ROI and simplicity of maintenance is concerned.

But for now – where I am allowed to have an antenna up 50′ – the UrbanBeam leads the way in ROI for ALL bands 40 – 6M. I still can’t get over having a really decent DX antenna that covers so many bands – including two of the “low bands”.

Its been a long road to get to this point – and I have waffled a bit in the past (the biggest mistake I made was selling my first AB-577), but I am now redeemed.

The AB-577, DV-40-P and ALM-31 are all “keepers”. Each are “keepers” because they offer flexibility and will support my hobby as long as I am active in the hobby – regardless of where I end up living.

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