3Y0I: Bouvet in November 2019

The DX Rebels are Going to Try Bouvet Again in November

There isn’t much going on DX wise for me anymore, but I still get excited when I hear news of another attempt at Bouvet. Who knows – maybe we will get some Glorioso news some day too – preferably when the sunspot cycle swings up for Cycle 25.

Maybe I will make my 3Y0I QSO with the Gold Dust Twins?

It will be cool if I can use my Gold Dust Twins – at 700 watts, why not? I won’t even need to borrow someone’s amp or buy another amp – the KWS-1 is a linear amplifier and exciter . . . .

The 75A-4 is plenty sensitive – and now with the UrbanBeam up 50′, I’m again confident I can finish DXCC #1 here in Orinda before I retire and we move away.

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