Diamond W735 Trapped Dipole

The Diamond W735 Loaded Dipole

The quality of this antenna is superb. The components kick it up a few notches over the Alpha Delta offerings.

If my need is for a mono band dipole, I build my own, (also of the highest quality). I usually prefer an antenna cut to resonance and fed with ladder line so I can use it as a monoband antenna with a tuner.

However, because we are talking 80M (75 actually), with the added bonus of 40M, this antenna fits the bill, and the shortened size fits where I can install it perfectly.

I took down the DXE DV-40-P, so my experiments are done.

The 40M section of the W735 is a full wire half wave. The pattern looks like a single vertical on 40M, so it’s fine as a backup to the UrbanBeam on 40M.

The pattern on 75/80 is also a vertical. The shortened size doesn’t affect it all that much.

Which reminds me – I need to take the previous post and also add in what the UrbanBeam looked like at 34-ish feet

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