SW-3, Brave New World and KWS-1, Brave New World Revisited

The SW-3 and Brave New World were Created in 1931 . . . 

and . . .


The KWS-1 and Brave New World Revisited were created in 1958 . . . 

Its just a coincidence – that the two radios are of the same era as Huxley’s famous book and his musings on that book almost 20 years later.

Brave New World Revisited really clears up what Huxley’s motivations were when he wrote Brave New World. On its own – its a somewhat unsettling account of the future – a “dystopian utopia”. Its not quite as grim as 1984, but they both are a combination of sci fi and poly sci, and they both are brilliant.

What was important to me was to try to get an account of the thinking of the day and era of each radio – what was going on in the world, why were each radio designed and manufactured as they were – that sort of thing.

Reading Brave New World Revisited fills in some blanks and answers some questions I couldn’t really get just from reading Brave New World – in fact – Brave New World opened more questions than it answered, but now I better understand why. Brave New World stands on its own – but I think Revisited really is worth reading – especially if you are re-reading this after many years and wanted to get a little more insight.

Some of Huxley’s predictions about the future were right on – he nailed it in a few areas was back in 1931 – when he was writing Brave New World – and then again when he wrote Revisited. He combined all of the thoughts of the day – Scientific Advancements, the Environment, Medical Advances, Social Mores and ethics at the time, and Political events that both threatened to change the world and what actually did change the world.


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