The HST III Switchbox

The HST III Switchbox – drilled and just needs to be wired. I left space at the top in case I want to add leds to show switch position

When I get home after work and the gym – I will wire up the HST III Switchbox (left). Over the weekend I finished my big Summer Antenna Project – moving the UrbanBeam from a US Towers ALM-31 to an AB-577, and gaining 20 feet in height. I also took down the DXE DV-40-P and 80M vertical and hung a Diamond W-735 40/80M coil loaded Inverted Vee from the tower – and where it acts as a set of guy ropes and also gives me 80M for nets and 40M as a backup to the UrbanBeam.

Now I am onto smaller projects. The Antenna Project required driving to Colfax to get the AB-577 (and renting a van), tree trimming and weed whacking – so I would have a decent work area – taking down and putting up 2 towers – so it was a 3 full weekend project. I was able to d it by myself – and it was hard work. Now I can concentrate on smaller fun projects like this switch box and a Steampunk Lamp I am building for the shack. Once these are done, I can get back to tinkering and fixing the KWS-1 for good and also using my test equipment on Maker and Maker-Ham projects. I can also play the guitar a little more – that was slightly disrupted due to this big project.

This HST III switch will switch the HST III between the IC-7300, the Red Hot 40, the Norcal40A and the KWS-1, so its a simple project with huge value. I just can’t go back to a double lever paddle now that I have the HST III – its really that good.

I’m very busy at work and I hit the gym on the way home just about every day – I’ve lost 6 pounds in 2 1/2 weeks (which won’t be sustainable in the long run), but I do expect with my trainer – who is kicking my butt – that I will finally lose the weight I’ve been struggling with for some time.

Its all good – and the days just fly by when you are busy from sunup until sundown.


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