Inverted Vee’s and DX-ing

The Inverted Vee (in Green) pales in Comparison to other DX Antenna Options

No surprise here – my Diamond W735 80/40M trapped dipole – configured as an Inverted Vee and with the apex up 45′, pales in comparison to my UrbanBeam up 50′. On 40M, the UrbanBeam is a folded dipole – and as expected – both in the EZNec model as well as from my reading – the Inverted Vee is more of a local – or (at best) short distance DX antenna when used for DX.

With stations in VK-ZL, the UrbanBeam up 50′ delivers a solid S9 signal and the Inverted Vee peaks at S7. With a second (weaker) VK station – he is in the noise on the Inverted Vee and Q5 copy – or S5 on the UrbanBeam.

My W735 is intended and planned just to get me on 75M for a couple of nets that I check into – and due to its higher take off angle – it is doing a great job for that purpose.

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