Oak Hills Research WM-2

Oak Hills WM-2 QRP Wattmeter

One of the most interesting things that has happened since October is how I have re-invented myself from avid DXer to CW QRO and QRP enthusiast, but with a full on living history twist.

It’s not based on a nostalgia kick, but it is nostalgic. It’s more like keeping some old traditions alive, and celebrating the past, but not as a collector or sniveling angry “kids these days” point of view, but more as a “technology archivist”. Think Computer History Museum, but with an even more hands on, working bent. Maybe KPH or Alameda’s California Historical Radio Society – two places I really have to get to, and soon.

The two QRP rigs that I have, the NorCal40A and the Red Hot 40 are 1990’s QRP Classics, and they are very serious rigs that have a sound and “feel” all of their own.

Because most wattmeters just don’t cover QRP power levels very well, it’s time to have a meter for this purpose.

Luckily, I also have dummy loads that can handle much more than 5 watts, so as far as alignment and testing, I’ll be all set up.

One Comment on “Oak Hills Research WM-2

  1. I have been wanting to visit KPH for years. One of these days, I will! Thanks for the heads up on the CA Historical Radio Society. Will need to do that, too. I’ll probably stay at The Utah! (Why not, right?)


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