ARRL Field Day 2019 and Summer Solstice!

The ARRL 2019 Field Day coincides with the Summer Solstice

Field Day is an age old tradition – where Amateur Radio Operators (aka “Ham Radio Operators”) take to the field and perform an emergency exercise of setting up communications gear that could help in the event of a disaster – knocking out cell phone and internet service.

I will try to see if I can get the D-104 to modulate the KWS-1 for Field Day

I’ve been meaning to get the D-104 to work with the KWS-1 – it keys the transmitter up – now I need to make sure I have audio. I think I know what it is – and its simple (operator error).

Today’s Summer Solstice “Google Doodle” – one of my favorites . . . 

I had a great week at work – I’m mentoring a graduate student who is on a summer internship at LendUp – and we are building the application and system I mentioned in my last post. We both hit major milestones at 4 PM today – and its quite exciting.

I have lost 7 pounds in 3.5 weeks – I joined a new gym and have a trainer – who has me on a strict exercise program . Yesterday I burned almost 1200 calories – and its all about calories in, calories burned . . .

The back breaking work out in the back 40 is done – so now I’ve turned to smaller weekend project – such as the Steampunk lamp that I will build, and a few other small projects.


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