KY6R Shack Remodel

The Gold Dust Twins caused a full remodel of the KY6R shack

I’m very pleased that I have every inch of the shack with some purpose and really great organization. When I have a project – I can actually find parts, tools, etc. Imagine that! Its also very “cozy” for a room I built in the garage about 13 years ago.

The KY6R electronic workbench – small, but tidy and effective

The fully equipped electronics workbench is just to the right of the KWS-1 transmitter. I’ve already used it for several projects, and it works great.

The KY6R Parts “station” – better than a junk box!

I used rough redwood to frame shelves and built them into the small spaces that I have. Its amazing how even though a small space seemed to not be very much as far as use goes – with a little custom shelving – you can squeeze a lot out of a little area.

I added a small shelf on the right side of the Parts Station – and added an iron “touch lamp”

KY6R Iron Pipe Steampunk wall lamp – perfect for an industrial place

Lighting is important, and I have a great set up now. Its kind of funny how many things the National SW-3 and Gold Dust Twins have influenced me:

  • Shack remodel
  • I learned how to use an oscilloscope and signal generator
  • I learned how to do some vintage gear restoration work
  • I learned that after almost 40 years – I was using the wrong key(s) for CW

Pretty cool beans, eh?


2 Comments on “KY6R Shack Remodel

  1. How does that touch lamp play with your setup? When I had roommates, they had a touch lamp that radiated a loud raspy noise on several bands, and would turn itself on and off to the rhythm of 40 meter CW…


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