The “Dormant DXer”

My KWS-1 – built in 1958 – with 700 watts on most bands that I would work 3Y0I, who needs a linear?

When I purchased the Gold Dust Twins – and specifically the KWS-1, I only thought about it as a nostalgia / living history purchase and “whim”. The deal fell in my lap – both the 75A-4 and the KWS-1.

After using the rig now quite a few times on the air – including Field Day, I realize that the rig is perfectly suited for working Bouvet and the 3Y0I Team. Split with a separate transmitter and receiver is of course no problem, and its amazing how far ahead both rigs were back in the 50’s. They truly hold their own against modern rigs – and in comparison with the Icom IC-7300, the Gold Dust Twins show that they are still fully capable after all of these years. This is yet another small “epiphany” of sorts, and I love it when my preconceived notions are challenged.

I’m betting on a 40 or 20M QSO – and most likely CW with 3Y0I

In 1958, the Functional programming language LISP was designed and deployed

As an aside – in 1958, the LISP language was developed and run on PDP-1 and IBM computers. The game “Space Wars” was written in it – and Kat and I had the great privilege to meet Steve Russell – who worked on Space Wars and LISP – when he gave a demo at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View. I knew he was a co-creator of Space Wars, but I only just learned about his involvement in LISP. I only mention this because LISP comes up a lot in my reading of both Scala and JavaScript – and with JavaScript – especially the functional style programming employed in React (which I am learning). (OK – so now I know another historical tidbit when my KWS-1 was being built).

During Field Day I got the D-104 microphone that I refurbished (cleaned completely and replaced the mic element) working, and it works great. HOWEVER, my bets are on CW – especially after being reminded what great CW operators 3Y0I has. A small subset of their team were recently on DXpedition – and they have really great CW ops – and I always admire that in a team.

The Begali HST III – which key will I work 3Y0I with? 

With the UrbanBeam up 50′ now – and with 700 watts on the KWS-1 – I am a lot more confident about working 3Y0I than I was before (from my home shack). I have a Plan B – but doubt I will use it now.

The AB-577 does make a big difference!

I guess even being a “Dormant DXer”, I still can get excited about the two last places on earth that I need DXCC wise. I don’t have that “daily burn” I used to – but its still there – buried down under my present Ham Radio activities. I am pleased that I have other fun things to bide my time – because I do understand how some DXers have just closed shop after they make Top of Honor Roll. I can understand how that (to some) would be THE Ultimate goal that is equaled by no other.

I won’t let that happen to me – maybe there is some existential reason that I didn’t just work all of the entities in succession – with VK0EK being my last (I missed FT5GA and 3Y0E – so I did have a crack at working them all within 15 years).

I have a gut feeling that the bottom of Cycle 24 will be shorter and not as painful as the bottom of Cycle 23 was . . . 

VK0EK could have been my last entity to work, but “something” got in the way – and in an odd way I am thankful for that. I am enjoying work right now more than I ever have – so my thoughts on retirement have vanished. As long as I love working as I do – retirement day will have to wait.

But Ham Radio will be with me as a sort of old friend – no matter what – it has turned out to be a lifelong friend and Avocation. It will be there as a trusted friend when I do retire – and I bet that continuing to copy CW by ear will be a great way to stay fit mentally – its quite a good mental challenge to copy CW without paper and pen.

OK – onward to Bouvet – with 3Y0I in (hopefully) Autumn 2019!

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