The Week of Summer Solstice

Today was the last “longest day of the year” – and this concludes a week of longest days

There isn’t just one longest day or shortest day at my latitude – but a week of such days. Starting tomorrow, the days get shorter by 1 minute. It will start off slow – maybe a minute lost every couple of days, but speeds up the pace in August – especially half way through.

I used to have a favorite season – and it was Autumn, but now I like them all

My “favorite season” has changed to “all of them” – especially since I got rid of my car and get around on bike almost every day of the year. I realize that there is no bad season – because we can do outdoor activities all year round. And since I have become a “gym rat” – even on a crummy weather day – where we are stuck indoors – I can have fun in the shack and at the gym.

I think the only weather I don’t like is when its too hot. I can handle the cold – because just peddling the bike a little – I get warm fast. Luckily – we have the fog in the SF Bay Area and in Orinda – so our weather is really great year round.

Like last year I have a lot of great things going on this Summer – hobby and work wise, and so I’ll enjoy these long days while we have them. I just heard a couple Europeans on 40M at our sunset, and so DX can happen even during the summer – when the low bands are a bit noisier.

2 Comments on “The Week of Summer Solstice

  1. All seasons are equally good, but I think it’s clear that Fall is still equally gooder.

    It’s a much bigger deal back East. Your roots are still showing.

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  2. ‘Tis true – when I see even the smallest hint of a fall color in the trees here, something happens. “OUT DAMNED SPOT” I say . . . .


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