CCPA, React, Material-ui and Formik

A year ago, I tried to learn React, but became overwhelmed – not to mention I had tons of other parts of the project to deliver. I hired a contractor who was excellent, and I put my React learning on the shelf. Our project was wildly successful, and I had at least designed the UI and was able to get React to query the database. The problem – I did not know JavaScript well enough, and all of the additional idiosyncrasies (there are many) in using JavaScript, JSX and just knowing what libraries to use – everyone who seemed to “be in the know” offered wildly differing advice, and it left me more confused than I would have liked. Fast forward a year – and boy howdy!

This year I find myself building a product that is “full stack” and where (again) if I wanted a front end app – I have to do it myself (there is no chance of me hiring a contractor to bail me out). This summer, I totally get React and am using React, Material-UI and Formik (with Yup) on the front end, Java Spring-Boot with JPA and Postgres on the back end, and I absolutely love it. I even like Java (enough) to want to continue using Spring Boot and JPA on the back end – for the REST API. Testing and documenting using Postman is awesome – and makes the whole thing fun. What a difference a year makes!

If you want to create a forms based React App – you really need to look into Formik and Yup – they are just awesome and take the pain out of creating really excellent web browser based – and database back end data entry forms.

We had a big CCPA meeting recently with our internal and external legal counsel, and I got the skinny on what we will have to track, and I was elated – my system design and architecture is perfect.

This my friends is a big deal – its all about “Data Rights” – which I expect will launch a whole new industry. I expect that this new industry and “niche” will carry me to the retirement end posts in 5 – 10 years. Yes, its that big a deal, and I am in the right place at the right time. Another big benefit is that this new sector of IT is recession proof – because companies will have to comply or be fined significantly.- regardless of where we are in the economic cycle.

This market is also “politician proof” because there is a growing list of states that are implementing all kinds of variations with their own laws, and while the feds will have to come up with a national code – it won’t happen anytime soon.

Google GDPR and also CCPA – and you will see what a big deal this is. In the end, everyone wins – consumers get data rights they never have had, and companies will have to get their data sh*t together – something that has spun out of control with the advent of “big data” and “cloud computing”.

I think this shake up could last up to a decade until things normalize.

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