Mosely SF-402-A

Moseley Electronics SF-402-A “Shorty 40” two element 40M yagi (photo from Moseley sales brochure)

I noticed that the Cushcraft XM-402 two element 40M beam has jumped up in price – its an antenna that I have always liked – it seemed like a nice compromise, and it used to be priced reasonably. I would no longer be interested now that it is just over $1000.

Enter Moseley – I was listening to a few guys on 40M discuss 40M yagi options, and an antenna I have never heard of – the SF-402-A was the topic of conversation. It is priced what the XM-402 used to be, and its boom is only 14′, which is somewhat perplexing (it seems too short). Like my N6BT DXU-32, it has elements that are 40-something feet and it is also center coil loaded. The boom on the DXU-32 was 28 feet (if I remember correctly) – so it was a pretty darn big antenna, and I still marvel that the AB-577 never once seemed to be stressed by it.

This Mosely antenna is still priced in a range that I think is a good deal – but I worry that our “Dear Leader” has already caused spikes in prices on everything electronic as well as metal (aluminum specifically) due to his asinine tariffs. I have already seen a spike in many electronic and aluminum prices – so it could already be too late. My SteppIR UrbanBeam is now priced at a point where I wouldn’t bother – and the XM-240 the same thing. I have heard of several ham radio manufacturers already feeling the pinch – and all of this is all brought on by idiot politics instead of real deal making. The Art of Mass Incompetence . . .

I would want to find a couple more AB-577 sections to get the antenna up 60′ before entertaining such an antenna – but if my UrbanBeam ever crapped out – and replacing any parts were in the hundreds of dollars – I would seriously consider an antenna like this.

I am at a point where if I had only 40M I’d be more than happy. HOWEVER, as long as the UrbanBeam is up and working as well as it does now – I will stick with it – its really a marvel of an antenna, and I have no burn to change it because having 40 – 6M on one antenna with F/B on all bands and gain on 20 – 6M is really an engineering feat.

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